Christopher Dumas

Lifelong student.

My name is Christopher Dumas. I'm and I've been programming since I was 7. I love a good challenge, working hard, and most of all learning new things. Besides my professional and school life, I like to farm a healthy variety of hobbies. You can find me on GitHub and StackOverflow. Keep reading if you want to know more...


I've finished high school in 9th grade and have transfered to a local community college to finish out the 60 credits I need to transfer to a four-year college. I'm currently one year in, and with one year to go, I've started looking into which colleges I'll go to. My SAT score is 1460 (with no study/prep), and I have a high enough GPA so far to qualify for the garunteed transfer admissions program my college has with UC Davis.

Work Ethic

I believe that I must work hard to acheive the best possible outcome for myself. I know that as an employee it is my job to make my bosses' and customers' problems go away. I understand that my failures are my own fault and my success is my own concern, not anyone else's.

Life Philosophy

I'm a Christian Hedonist, Christian Evolutionary Creationist and lifelong Ayn Rand fan. I understand that it is not my job to force others to believe what I believe and that it is unhelpful to be upset or offended by opposing beliefs. I know that all people have a rationale behind their beliefs and no one holds theirs out of ignorance or malice and that most people have a logical thought process behind what they think, like I do.


I consider my ability to completely immerse myself in a new subject and learn it as well as I can my primary skill. From this skill I have gained others: I am a very skilled developer, able to handle mobile and desktop application, server, front-end, web, back-end, and games programming; I am a proficient swimmer; and I am learning to speak German. My central skill is my ability to synthesize large datasets into both abstract rules and actionable systems.


My hobbies include programming, writing (novels and political/economics papers), macroeconomics, philosophy, politics, stenography, linguistics, reading (Dostoyevsky, Dumas, Ayn Rand, Tolkein, Scott Card, and Frank Herbert are my favorite authors), and bicycling. I continue to deepen and round out each hobby when I can.


I have little job experience, and I hope to gain much, much more! So far, I've had succesfull summer jobs as a swim instructor for two local municipalities. To see more information on my experience, you can look at my resume.