Devlog 2/19/19: Concussion

This is posted from my phone, just a small status update. I’ve received a concussion from a non-sports-related incident and I haven’t been able to work on the game for a very long time. Right before I got this concussion, (about 5 weeks ago now?) I got block building working and improved the game UI so you can see a robot’s thought process in real time. I was also able to make how robots cooperate and add themselves to tasks deterministic. Unfortunately I lost that progress in a computer crash where I had to reinstall my OS from scratch, and although I was feeling good enough last week to re set up my computer and get cooperation working again, progress has been set back AND stopped, unfortunately. Even worse, although I remembered what I did to get building working, a new bug has cropped up during my trying to reimplement what I had, and I didn’t have the ability to fix it yet, nor have I had the time to get the real time robot UI working.

I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I’m able to program without getting a headache and Govind isn’t able to pick up the slack at the moment. The good thing is that Grish has been able to make a few new tiles (for the blocks you build) and a new image for modules that you can build (working on this next after block building). 

I’ve had a lot of time to think about how things like crafting will work so that’s good but yeah, progress is not happening soon.

We hope to do a release of some gameplay videos and stuff  on indie DB and gamedev and social media when we have block building, module building (that goes with crafting) and basic fighting. Block building should be quick to do since I’ve done it before, and module building is just block building with a slightly different UI, so that shouldn’t be too hard. Crafting is simple (the way we’re doing it). The hard bit is fighting but at the rate I’m recovering from this concussion, it’s a ways off.

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