In Astra Terra, you are the leader and governor of a small colony of hyper-advanced aliens sent out at near-light speeds to colonize the closest planet to their home. You have been sent out in the hopes of heading off the colonization of the planet by a fleet of colonists of an enemy faction, sent out a hundred years prior who are making their way to the same planet at slower speeds. Although the bulk of their settlers will arrive some two hundred years after you launch, and a hundred years after you arrive at your destination, they had sent out a fleet of smaller military ships to prepare the planet which you will have to begin dealing with soon after you arrive. On your home planet, you’ve already defeated the enemy, but the battle will play out again in space. Will you be able to hold back the enemy forces and survive their onslaught to create a viable colony for your species?

While your technology is lightyears ahead of the enemy combatants, you still have to set up and prepare for them, since they vastly outnumber you and your biotech can’t be stored and deployed on a planet’s surface without adapting to local genetic and environmental conditions. They, meanwhile, make use of traditional machinery and technology. You must develop your technology, choosing what is and isn’t a priority both for biological improvements to your fighters and settlers and your base modules themselves. Can you prepare and create your technology in order to soon enough to snatch victory from the iron claws of cold, hard technology?

Command an army of colonists in base-building and real-time strategy combat while controlling your own leader character and exploring a procedurally generated world with diverse biomes, unusual flora and fauna, and detailed yet understandable simulation systems. Fast travel to anywhere not blocked by an obstacle or enemy as you place bridges and inhabit your world. Will you be able to take the greatest advantage of your virgin planet?

Build a base and colony of your own, taking advantage of technology, and systems such as electricity, water, and steam simulations. Build modules, blocks, and workshops to mine the planet, research new technologies, refine materials, and protect your assets. Enter a brand new world, and take it for your own!