Systems and Back-end Programmer

With experience in C, Go, Rust, and Haskell

I have written window managers and vanilla Xlib applications, as well as servers, and other back-end services, and I have in-depth knowledge of how the computer works, from circuits to graphical user interfaces, to the internet, and am willing to use that knowledge to implement applications when necessary.

Web Developer and Designer

With experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ember.JS, Angular.JS

I have numerous web applications with Ember or plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I am familiar with many, if not all, of the ins and outs of JavaScript and can work with JavaScript efficiently and well. I am not a great designer, but I can create some pretty good looking applications, and I do know the basics.

iOS and Mac OS X Developer

With experience using Objective-C, and Swift, using Cocoa or Cocoa Touch.

I have written four iOS applications, all thoroughly and well designed, and two Mac OS X applications (which I have not put on my github profile). I know how to use the Nest SDK and Firebase library, and can use functional programming in Swift or Objective-C.

Some of my other hobbies

I'm not just limited to programming!


All of the pictures on this page? I took them!

I love photography because it can capture moments in a beautiful, contemplative, timeless way, that can take your breath away. But yet there is still a challenge.

Special Effects and Video Editing

I've done some pretty cool stuff, if I do say so myself!

I've always been fascinated by how movies were made, and love bringing my ideas to life with SFX, VFX, and video editing.


Drawing is really fun!

I just love bringing scenes, objects, characters, and actions to vivid and detailed life on paper!

Swimming (competitively)

Each hour swimming is equal to two hours sprinting!

Not only is swimming interesting as a sport, with the four strokes, all the drills, and technique, but it is one of the most rigerous, tiring, and hard sports. And not only do I get a ton of exercise in a small amount of time (my practice runs about two hours), but I'm not only racing against the people next to me at meets, but my own time, and I can also race my teammates at practice! It's a reallly fun and worthwhile sport.

Star Trek

OK, this one really isn't a hobby, but still!

Although sometimes misplaced, Star Trek's optimism is very refreshing, and the stories are interesting and generally complex. I enjoy also thinking about the technology that comes into play.

Thanks for taking a look at my site!

You can also find me on Github, and StackExchange.