Christopher Dumas

Lifelong student.

My name is Christopher Dumas. I'm and I've been programming since I was 7. I love a good challenge, working hard, and most of all learning new things. Besides my professional and school life, I like to farm a healthy variety of hobbies. You can find me on GitHub and StackOverflow. I've recently been accepted to Penn State Engineering University Park, and I'll be going there for the Fall 2019 semester. Keep reading if you want to know more...


Instead of completing high school the regular way, I've used my local community college to take advanced courses that have expanded my horizons and helped me try new things, as well as speeding up my education. I’ve enjoyed being able to choose from a wide array of courses that I’d never get to choose otherwise. Currently as of May 2019, I have graduated highschool with a 4.35 GPA and 58 community college credits. I've been accepted (as stated in the heading) to Penn State Engineering University Park, which is #24 in undergraduate STEM programs in the US, according to US News & World Reports. Being homeschooled in my early life taught me to be autodidactic and self-motivated, and I actually really love to learn.

Work Ethic

I believe that I must work hard to acheive the best possible outcome for myself. I know that as an employee it is my job to make my bosses' and customers' problems go away. I understand that my failures are my own fault and I have to acheive my own success. I take pleasure in doing jobs to the best of my ability, and going above and beyond what is expected of me. I enjoy learning and understanding the things around me.

Life Philosophy

I am an agnostic who is focused on rationality, fairness, honesty, and acceptance in everything I do. I believe that other people's lives are their own concern, and that you must bear the consiquences of the choices you make; but I also understand that not all failures and bad situations are the fault of their victims. I consider being rational important for understanding and operating in the world, but a big part of that is taking the time to understand other's situations. I understand that it is not my job to force others to believe what I believe and that it is unhelpful to be upset or offended by opposing beliefs. I know that all people have a rationale behind their beliefs and few hold theirs out of ignorance or malice.


I consider my primary skill to be immersing myself in a new subject and learning it thoroughly. From this skill I have gained others: I am a very skilled developer, able to handle mobile and desktop application, server, front-end, web, back-end, and games and artificial intelligence programming and a gifted math and physics student. I am also a good writer who enjoys writing and decent public speaker. My central skill is my ability to synthesize large datasets into both abstract rules and actionable systems. I have a wide range of experience in various technical studies, and enjoy learning about as many things as I can.


My hobbies include programming, writing (novels and political/economics papers), macroeconomics, game theory, philosophy, politics, linguistics, reading (Dostoyevsky, Dumas, Tolkein, and Frank Herbert are my favorite authors), and swimming. I enjoy learning a little about various STEM fields (enough to be somewhat conversant in them), including quantum physics and engineering. I continue to deepen and round out each hobby when I can. I have a special interest in symbolic, or classical, AI, with some experience writing forward and backward chaining reasoning systems. I am interested in the fusion of modern machine learning techniques and these classical AI systems.


I have some job experience, but I hope to gain more! I've been a paid programmer for two Silicon Valley startups so far, and I've had successful summer jobs as a swim instructor for two local municipalities as well as a three year employment at a mathematics tutoring firm. To see more information on my experience, you can look at my resume.